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Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach

Who wires the industrial plants and factories, the warehouses, the office buildings, the shopping centers small and large? And who’s called when something goes wrong with the electrical system in such facilities?

Generally, the call goes to our contractors. And to get the work done, they need highly skilled journeymen wiremen (electricians). The Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach has modified the 5 year Apprenticeship to complete the 5 levels of class time to 41 months and completion of 8000 OJT (on the job training) to become a Journeyman Wireman.

Journeymen are in short supply, with the number reducing as workmen trained 20 to 30 years ago retire. Our industry has devoted hundreds of millions of dollars and resources to gear up and train more and more of these highly skilled electricians…the backbone of the electrical construction industry.

As part of that structure, your career would involve interesting, ever-changing work, with opportunities galore.
We are currently employing and training over 30,000 men and women in this program alone.

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The Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach strives to improve the quality of the Electrical Union field in America and provides motivated individuals the opportunity to learn a trade by working under the supervision of a skilled craftsman and attending related classroom training. Apprentices receive excellent wages, benefits, state-of-the-art training, college credits (through DSC (Daytona State College) and the new Advanced Technology Center) and advancement opportunities. If you enjoy working with your hands in all types of conditions and are looking for an alternative to a four-year degree, consider apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship programs offer the best of both worlds–paid work experience and related educational instruction. This apprenticeship will prepare you to become a skilled electrician, acquiring the necessary knowledge and abilities to pursue a career as a journeyman electrician.

The Electrical Union Apprenticeship presents opportunities for you to become a journeyman electrician and increase your knowledge in preparation for a high paying   position in construction, estimating, electronics, or electrical management.  Graduates often are employed as general foremen, project managers, estimators, safety specialists, training directors or instructors. Formal training allows you to gain the academic knowledge needed to understand electrical construction theory and all other electrical facets not found in on-the-job training.  In addition to 198 classroom/lab hours per year, apprentices receive a minimum of 8,000 on-the-job training hours while earning their certificate. Upon graduation you are awarded certificates from DSC and the Florida Department of Education and qualify to take the Journeyman Electrician State Licensing Board Examination.

The electrical Union Apprenticeship program demonstrates how creating quality training and skill development opportunities can lead graduates to unlimited advancement opportunities. Graduates have been employed locally with the school board, city and council electrical divisions and electrical construction contractors including: Giles Electric, Masters Electric and Electric Solutions Unlimited. Graduates can earn between $42,000 and $52,000 per year locally based on 2,000 hours worked per year depending on education, position, and experience.  Those who successfully complete the program may decide to further their education and apply a portion of their hours toward an associate of applied science degree in Industrial Management Technology.

In most cases, a great deal of financial resources and energy are required to prepare for your career,  but in a registered apprenticeship program, you are paid a progressively increased wage while you learn the occupation. An Apprentice will be paid $108,000 during their 8,000 hours of on-the-job training to learn to be an Electrician. The Electrical Union Apprentice program provides a combination of academic preparation as well as practical experience.  While this program provides hands-on training at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) – a modern, state-of-the-art facility – knowledge and skills training also are gained in all phases of electrical installation, safety, and electrical construction work in residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Graduates are awarded a vocational certificate of completion from Daytona State College (DSC), while the Florida Department of Education awards a certificate of apprenticeship. While the electrical industry gains an increased pool of qualified workers, apprentices benefit from classroom and hands-on learning to be qualified professionals with competitive wages and benefits. If you are mechanically inclined, enjoy working with your hands, prefer hands-on learning to lecture and would like to get paid while learning, you should consider an Electrical Union Apprenticeship.

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