Job Description

Looking to become the best? Then train with the best! To learn more about how to enroll, read the information below.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) jointly sponsor apprenticeship training programs that offer you the opportunity to earn wages and benefits while you learn the skills needed for a trade that can be both challenging and rewarding. 

Working Conditions

Much of the work you will perform is done in uncontrolled environments and requires a degree of physical strength. You must be willing to work in all weather conditions and possess manual dexterity and agility


Apprentices attend class one day for 8 hours every other week. While attending classes, apprentices will sit in a classroom environment with fellow year apprentices. Many classes have a mixed environment of traditional classroom instructions, self studying, and in lab training.


ZipRecruiter states that as of March 2024, the average hourly pay for a First Year Electrician Apprentice in the United States is $22.81. Hourly wages can range from as high as $36.06 to as low as $12.02, with the majority of wages falling between $18.27 (25th percentile) to $25.24 (75th percentile) across the country​​.


Most frequent questions and answers

During the apprenticeship, we are a five-year program consolated down to four physical years.   8,000 hours of On-the-Job Training and a minimum of 900 hours of classroom instruction. 

We accept applications every day through our online portal. 

Currently,  the starting salary for a first-year apprentice is $14.71

The Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach is a Tuition free school. However, students will need to buy course materials.

During Apprenticeship, apprentices are given single health coverage, however, upon completion of the apprenticeship Journey Workers receive family coverage as part of their package. 

Inside Wireman apprentices have the ability to receive up to three retirements.  Starting from day one, apprentices receive the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF), then when the apprentice reaches the third year of school they will receive an annuity. When the apprentice joins the Union they will receive the Pension Benefit Fund.

Apprentices can expect to pay up to $1100 a school year for course materials.

Unfortunately, The Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach currently does not offer grants or scholarships.