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Our 5-year electrical apprenticeship will require you to complete four years of related electrical training with approximately 900 hours of classroom time. You will also work for one of our employers to earn 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Apprentices work full time during the week (OJT) and one afternoon come to class for 6hrs of Classroom related training. 

While on the job, apprentices may find themselves working on elevated platforms, confined spaces, and a variety of shifts. Shifts are determined from the job site requirements


Apprenticeships at Daytona Beach Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Program are open to anyone living in Florida who is at least 17 years age or older with a high school diploma (or equivalent) and reliable transportation. 


17 Years of age or Older

Picture ID/Driver’s License

Social Security Card

Birth Certificate

High School Diploma/GED

Official High School Transcripts

1 credit of Algebra with a C passing grade

Aptitude Exam

The aptitude test is validated for use by sponsors of IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship programs to assist in the selection of apprentices. The aptitude exam evaluates candidates on their math skills and reading comprehension. The aptitude exam is given on scheduled dates and times from the Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach. Anyone absent from the aptitude test must wait 6 months before being rescheduled. A score of PASS or FAIL is provided within 24 hours after the exam.

Committee Interviews

Applicants are interviewed and scored by the appropriate program committee. Committee interviews take place once a month; depending on the volume of applicants, it could take up to 6 months to be interviewed. Based on the interview performance, all applicants are placed on a ranking list. Applicants are accepted into Apprenticeship programs based on their placement on the ranking list.

Accepted Applicants

Only those accepted into the Apprenticeship program will receive a letter from the Daytona Beach Electrical Joint Apprenticeship And Training Committee informing them of the decision. Keep in mind; selections are not always immediately following the interview. Very often, several months may pass before actual selections are made and a new school year starts. Applicants remain on the ranking list for possible selection into school for 2 years before needing to re-apply

Additional Information

Please provide any of the following documentation where applicable. These are optional documents.

DD214 if you are a veteran.

DD2384 if you are a reservist.

College Transcripts

Vocational Transcripts

Letter of Electrical Experience

Referral Letter

Aptitude Prep Course

Open to everyone

SkillsPrep.org has partnered with the Electrical Training Alliance (etA) to offer these courses. These online courses provide you a better understanding of the construction industry and the requirements for acceptance into the apprenticeship program. SkillsPrep.org will better prepare you for the tasks evaluated for entrance into the apprenticeship program. SkillsPrep.org provides tremendous insight regarding the duties performed by construction workers and what is expected of them.

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