We're Proudly Training America's Future Electricians!

Learn today and earn for a lifetime. Become a member of a respected and honorable trade.  An Active and exciting career is waiting for you!

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Why join our Electrician Training Program?

Hands On Training

Learning by doing is the best way to become a competent and successful electrician. Our classrooms are designed to help you apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Student Aid

Because we're a non-profit organization, and qualify for Federal and State funding, your tuition costs are limited to the cost of books! Imagine graduating without any student loans to repay!

Job Placement

Not only will we teach you everything employers look for when hiring an electrician. We'll help you find a job through our network of employers!

Professional Staff

Our instructors are seasoned Master Electricians who know exactly what it takes to become a qualified, competent electrician. Learn from people with real world experience!

Hired Graduates
average class size
average pay after graduation
99. %
graduation rate

Electrical Training Alliance Daytona Beach

Our mission is to train America’s Future Electrician.  That means providing world class training to our students.

Why Choose Our Program?

Our program is designed for you to succeed from day one.

Experienced Instructors

Out Instructors are not only Master Electrician certified, they all have Master level teaching credentials. The means you're learning from industry experts!

Proven Training Plan

Our training plan works because we teach you what will get you hired, and keep you safe! We teach you what you need to know period.

Job Placement

We'll get you your first job as an electrician because we have a proven track record for training high quality electricians!

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