Because our program is federally subsidized, your tuition is paid by the US government.  The only out of pocket cost for would be for books.

Typically it can take anywhere from 1-2 years to complete our apprenticeship program. It really depends on how much prior education and experience you already have.  

There are a number educational and aptitude requirements that you will need to qualify for.  We want this program to be great fit for you,  The first step is to complete the short application, and schedule an interview with one of our advisors.  During our interview we will be able to address all of your qualification questions and concerns.

Yes, our Apprenticeship program is fully accredited.

We believe you can make as much as you want with hard work and dedication to your trade.  However this apprentice salary calculator is a helpful starting point: Salary Calculator

Yes. Because our apprenticeship training program covers everything you need to know to be a successful, many employers are eager to hire our students.  Through our network of partners, we will help you land job interviews, and help prepare you for the job interview.

In certain situations where you have flexibility at your job, you should be able to maintain employment while working towards your license.  Unfortunately, we are only offering day classes; which will be challenging for students who are employed during the day.

Yes you Apprenticeship license is recognized in all 50 states.  However each state may have additional requirements and regulations that you will need to satisfy.  Our advisors are ready to help if you are looking to work in a particular state.

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