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Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach. We’re here to answer any questions and to give you information about this exciting career field that is opening many doors. If you are looking for a new career or thinking of changing your existing career, then you have come to the right place. Please feel free to explore our site. If you need any questions answered then please feel free to contact us.

Dedicated Excellence

The NECA-IBEW team, and it’s training arm, the NJATC, and all our local programs cordially invite you to consider applying your intelligence and discipline to a great career in the electrical construction industry. Open these doors, and learn about our industry’s career specialties as a Journeyman Wiremen. These are all well-paying jobs with great benefits and challenging and interesting work. If some other doors lead to dead-end jobs, these lead to “electrifying” careers…with a great future in a dynamic, growing, expanding industry. What’s more important is, if you are accepted into one of our local apprenticeship programs, you’ll be trained for these special jobs and paid while you learn. Depending on the local area’s wage rates and the job you choose, you will earn $80,000 to $150,000 during the course of your apprenticeship – with great benefits! Health care and pension plans are second to none. Interested? We hope so. Open the door now to an exciting new future in the electrical industry.

Hands on Training

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Individual Instruction

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Our Team

Meet your instructors and administrators

Robert Cruz

Director of Training

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Jeremy S. Ertle

Lead Instructor

Jeremy S. Ertle is a third generation Electrician and a 25 Year IBEW Journeyman Member from Local 756, Daytona Beach. He was accepted into the Apprenticeship Program after Graduating from Mainland High School.

Jeremy currently teaches the forth level Apprentices at Daytona State College. He has been in this position for 4 years and did not expect to enjoy as much as he does. Jeremy enjoys instructing our Apprentices and feels that there is not a better platform to pass on and respect the many great Instructors and Journeymen who helped inspire and mold him to become the Journeyman Electrician he is today.

As a child, he would help his Father on small jobs and is always ready to lend a hand. Jeremy has always been fascinated by learning new things. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful Daughters and Friends.


Edwin “Roy” Moore

Lead Instructor

Roy is a 33 year member of IBEW Local 756, after four years of Apprenticeship, he spent five years working for local contractors in the Volusia County area. His next ten years were spent on the road working out of several different local unions. For the past 15 years he has been employed by Government subcontractors at CCAF Station and KSC, currently one of the lead technicians in AECOM’S relay and test shop.

Roy and his wife Linda reside in Samsula where the enjoy spending time with visiting grandchildren, taking care of 2 dogs, One is a young Boykin Spaniel he is attempting to make a retriever.

He spends at least one weekiend a month at their hobby farm in SW Georgia, working in the Pecan Grove, on farm chores and Hunting. He also enjoys going to Ann Arbor Michigan to NTI training, among other Family Vacation.


Matthew S. Nelson

Lead Instructor

Matthew S. Nelson is an IBEW Journeyman from local 756. He started his Apprenticeship in 1998. He was accepted into the Apprenticeship at the age of 18, the summer he Graduated from High School and Graduated from the program in 2003. He went Apprenticeship Training Committee (DBJATC) or now what is known as the Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach. Matt graduated with a Journeyman License through the State of Florida with a certificate of completion, and the most important to him, his Journeyman Classification from local 756. Matt has been a member of Local 756 for almost 18 years. During this time he has served on the Executive Board, Apprenticeship Committee and served as President of Local 756.

Matt has worked for multiple Contractors in his Jurisdiction, including The Kennedy Space Center. He has also traveled the Country working for various Contractors. He’s a husband, father, brother and son to a wonderful family and He enjoys relaxing and having fun with them. In his spare time you can find him fishing or building something new to put around his house which is what he considers his hobby. He’s currently a First Year instructor for the Electrical Training Alliance, where he enjoys teaching and showing the first year Apprentices how to be the best Journeyman Electrician that they can become. He’s currently a foreman at Kennedy Space Center where he works at various locations for the new Space Program for NASA.


Robert J. Burk

Lead Instructor

Robert is currently the fourth Year Instructor with the Electrical Training Alliance of Daytona Beach. He started working in the Electrical Field in 1986 and was accepted into the Apprenticeship Program. The first contractor that he worked for was Farmer Electric. He was transferred to Olsen Electric and worked there for 10 years finishing up his Apprenticeship Program and Graduated. While working for Olsen Electric he worked on many Schools, Nursing Homes and ATT projects throughout the Jurisdiction. He has been with Giles Electric for a number of years and most recently was the Foreman on the Daytona Beach Bass Pro Shop.

Robert graduated for the NIT Instructor Certification Training program, which he worked 4 years to accomplish in August of 2017.

Robert’s hobbies include spending time with his Family, Boating and woodworking.


Joseph D. Smallwood

Lead Instructor

Joseph D. Smallwood started the Apprenticeship Program in 1997, and graduated tin 2001. He worked as an in town-Journeyman Electrician until September of 2005. Joe began working as a building inspector in September 2005 at a Local Municipality and still holds that position today.

Joe holds State licenses and international code Licenses in the following categories. Residential building, residential electrical, residential plumbing, residential mechanical, commercial building, commercial electrical, fire inspector1 & 2, fire plans examiner, fire investigator, building plans examiner, electrical plans examiner, 1&2 family dwelling inspector and combination building inspector and combination electrical inspector.

Joe started teaching first year Apprentices in 2006. He feels it is a way to give back to the Brotherhood for the education that was given to him.

In his free time, Joe enjoys fishing, his son’s baseball tournaments and the many outdoor activities that Florida has to offer